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Wholesale Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bar with Ginger Cases of 12 BarsWholesale Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bar with Ginger
Australian crystallized ginger in smooth Belgian 65% cocoa content dark chocolate. Upon eating, the chocolate gives way to soft sugar-coated moist chunks of ginger. The transition from chocolate to ginger on the finish leaves you feeling surprisingly stimulated and wanting more.
Wholesale Organic Crystallized Ginger 22 Pound CasesWholesale Organic Crystallized Ginger
Organic crystallized ginger. Great as a snack or to even help ease an upset stomach!
Wholesale Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger 25 Pound Cases Wholesale Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger
Pure diced ginger pieces drenched in dark chocolate
Wholesale Crystallized Ginger 44 Pound CasesWholesale Crystallized Ginger
Crystallized ginger is ideal for a spicy snack or a unique cup of tea, and is a natural remedy that may reduce hot flashes, alleviate indigestion, and shorten the duration of colds.
Wholesale Ground Ginger 25 Pound CasesWholesale Ground Ginger
Ground ginger root is perfect for any recipe that calls for that one-of-a-kind ginger flavor.
Wholesale Dark Chocolate Ginger Slices 15 Pound CasesWholesale Dark Chocolate Ginger Slices
Whole ginger slices smothered in delicious dark chocolate. A great chocolate treat.
Wholesale Natural Crystallized Ginger (Diced) 44 Pound CasesWholesale Natural Crystallized Ginger (Diced)
This imported diced crystallized ginger with no preservatives is ideal for a spicy snack, cooking or baking, or a unique cup of tea. It is simply ginger root that has been dried and preserved with a sugar coating.


"I received my order a few days ago, and we were thrilled! We ordered 1 lb. each kind of ginger (organic and non-organic) and they are both wonderful. The assorted chocolate-covered coffee beans are really fun (my husband and I like different ones, luckily) and the coffee bean sampler has been great too. So far, we love everything we have ordered from you. As soon as I have a free day, I'm going to boil the raw peanuts I bought. I am sure they will be fantastic. The only problem I have now is figuring what to try next... Thank You, Melinda Barnett Stanwood, WA"
-- Melinda, Stanwood, WA
"EXCELLENT!!! thank you so much...my delivery was here a day before it was suppose to be....LOVE LOVE the crystallized ginger what a zest!! thank you again!!!"
-- karen, lake placid new , new york
"Thank you for our recent order. We have a bakery here in California and couldn't find good and spicy crystallized ginger at a good price...The stuff we bought (for an arm and a leg) at Whole foods was horrible!!! So, even though we have never purchased from you, your prices were so good, even with shipping, that we though we would give it a try and we were NOT dissappointed. Wow! That was some hot stuff!! Thanks again and we will buy some more stuff soon! Sincerely, Lynne"
-- Lynne, California
"So thrilled to find such excellent quality goodies from the old neighborhood,a slice of my childhood in Brighton Beach,First time order of Candied GINGER WAS THE BEST,FAST ECONOMICAL SHIPPING EXCELLENT PRODUCTS AND SERVICE....KUDOS...."
-- Rita, Pearl River, N.Y.
"Your ginger is yummy. It helps me keep my good health on track. The dates are a divine sweet snack."
-- Paula, Pawtucket, RI
"I was really shocked when the UPS lady came to the door with my delivery. I thought I had read it wrong on my order confirmation and it would be a few days before I received my things. I am so very very pleased with my order everything is so fresh and delicious.It has been a long time since I have been able to find good fresh dried ginger. I am so glad I have found you and will be a loyal customer from now on!Thank you and God Bless you all !!"
-- Barbara, Bridgeport, New York
"I ordered the Veggie chips and the crystallized ginger. The ginger is so amazingly fresh and the veggie chips are so tasty! I can't wait to order more different fruits! Keep up the great work!"
-- Christine, State College, PA
"My order arrived today just as promised. I happy that I found your company the ginger is superb in quality. I had purchased ginger from Whole Foods and it is no comparison to yours in presentation and quality. I will be ordering other items from your company."
-- Mike, Chicago, IL
"I love you guys! Not only are you efficient, you're fun. The candied ginger arrived as promised and it is delicious. I will definitely order more items from Nuts on Line."
-- sharon, Center Valley, PA
"Bought the Crystalized Ginger for my wife and she loves it. She said that it is the "BEST" she has had to date. Very quick delivery...Highly recommend."
-- George B, NH
"The crystalized ginger is delicious - i have gotten several pounds in the past and enjoyed every morsel!"
-- Marcia, Matthews, NC
"Received my order of crystallized ginger. the quality of the product was excellent. It has much more of a ginger bite to it than the local products I have been getting."
-- susan, surfside beach, sc
"First order from you - ginger - delicious - great price - fast delivery- glad I ordered - what's not to like about you guys?"
-- Bob, Chicago, Illinois
"I ordered the crystallized ginger and it is OUTSTANDING! I've tried other products and they don't compare! Holy cow! If you enjoy eating crystallized ginger like candy, this product is for you! The bang for the buck is over the top! I couldn't be happier and I will positively be ordering again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
-- BrendaLynda, West Fargo, North Dakota
"We received the crystalized ginger around noon. We are very pleased with the product, price and service. I can't believe I received the item so quickly. We will be ordering more from your company and will be telling our friends. Thanks."
-- Brenda, Fredericksburg, VA
"My husband and I had two candy stores for 16 years and this crystallized ginger is the best that we've ever had!! Thanks."
-- Grace, Lakeville, MA
"Just got your crystalized ginger! I am a HUGE fan of ginger and this is the best! I can not believe your low prices and speed of delivery! You guys are crazy amazing and I am soooo glad I found you! Oh yes...your little care package of chocolate covered vanilla creams? So yummmmyyyy!!!! Thank you so much for being so awesome!! Krisrine xox"
-- Kriatine, Agawam, Ma

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