Mustard Seeds

  • Yellow Mustard Seed Yellow Mustard Seed

    Yellow mustard seeds can be used to spice up any dish. They can be used to extract mustard oil as well. They can be ground into a flour and mixed with other ingredients to make the condiment mustard.

  • Ground Mustard Seeds Ground Mustard Seeds

    Ground mustard seeds are perfect for any recipe calling for mustard. Can even be used to make your own mustard!


From our family to yours, since 1929

Our beloved grandfather, Poppy Sol, started this business in an open-air market. Three generations later, we’re still bringing smiles to our customers' faces.

“Received the Honey, Mustard and Onion Sesame Sticks. Had to lock them up so they weren't all gone the day they arrived. You have no idea how hard it is to find mustard seed in the stores. My husband cans a lot of pickles and uses a LOT of mustard seed. We could find it last year in the stores in the big containers, but they've disappeared off the shelves. Nothing but the over-priced midget containers. Thanks for having these in stock and at such a great price. ”

Anne July 28, 2009