brown candy

Yummy brown candy is not all about chocolate, although we've got that, too! Don't forget classics like squirrel nut zippers and caramels. And our Ultimate Malted Milk Balls are a treat that you don’t want to miss. Our brown candy category is filled with timeless favorites for all taste buds!

  • Milk Chocolate Rainbow Cookie Caramels Milk Chocolate Rainbow Cookie Caramels

    Our sweet and dreamy milk chocolate rainbow cookie caramels are a unique treat. They have the flavor of a soft, freshly baked cookie, drenched in smooth milk chocolate.

  • Chocolate Candy Sticks Chocolate Candy Sticks

    These nostalgic old time candy sticks bring back great memories. These chocolate candy sticks taste great. Perfect for snacking, candy buffets, or wedding.

  • Brown Whirly Pop (3 Inches) Brown Whirly Pop (3 Inches)

    Brown and white whirly pops are famous from amusement parks, carnivals, and boardwalks. These classic old time lollipops are a real treat. 1.5 ounces and 3" diameter.