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Green Teas

Boom, pow! The name of this strong green tea from China comes from the fact that the tea leaves are rolled up into tiny little balls that "explode" when splashed with hot water. Rolling tea leaves into these pellets renders the leaves less susceptible to physical damage and allows them to retain more of their flavor and aroma. And what a flavor! This tea has a a distinctive nutty/oak taste and produces a dark green cup. Blend it with fresh mint, sugar and steaming hot water to make your own traditional Moroccan mint tea!

Sencha means "common tea," and indeed, this good old basic green tea is one of the most popular and tastiest drinks in the world. Low in caffeine so you can drink it all day long.

Jasmine green tea is a balanced, delicate tea that is refreshing and versatile, and goes with almost any occasion, especially as an iced tea.

Young Hyson tea comes to you as twisted leaves that are long, thin and unfurl slowly to offer a fragrant and somewhat astringent green taste. (Think dry wine.)