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An extra smooth, full-bodied coffee flavored with Amaretto.

This coffee has that heavenly chocolate taste and a whisper of Irish Cream. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The traditional flavor of licorice roasted into our fresh coffee beans.

Reminiscent of the original favorite, this flavored coffee has the rich and sweet taste of Bailey's Irish Crème.

Our deluxe house coffee beans flavored with banana and a kick of kahlua.

Our deluxe house coffee beans flavored with real blackberry brandy taste.

Light brandy flavor and cream blended to make a tasty coffee drink.

Creamy butter rum flavored coffee.

Creamy, butter rum flavor with a jolt of spice, roasted into our coffee beans.

The classic after dinner liqueur, made from almonds, flavors this grand coffee classic with a subtle hint of chocolate.

Dark chocolate with rum flavored coffee.

Sweet, "thick," cream-like aroma of Irish Creme liquor with a hint of chocolate taste roasted into our fresh coffee beans. Everyone loves this spirited brew!

A favorite with true coffee connoisseurs, smooth chocolate flavor, with a hint of rum with an aftertaste of cream.

A winning combination of rum and rich chocolate, soothing and delicious.

Creamy and flavorful like the minty liqueur, this coffee has a unique flavor.

A rich, smooth, highly flavorful Dutch chocolate and rum coffee.

Irish Cream flavored coffee with a hint of hazelnut. A sweet twist on the original favorite.

The heavy, intoxicating flavor of rum warmed in a snifter, rich and mellow without the alcohol.

Very pleasant taste of Irish Creme liqueur in your coffee cup without the intensity of the alcohol. Nice lingering, sweet aftertaste.

Rich taste of the Island liquor, roasted into our fresh coffee beans. Ya mon!

A smooth, sipping type of coffee, just like fine Kentucky Bourbon.

Viva la Mexico! Fresh coffee beans roasted with the favorite coffee liqueur.

A delicious blend of fresh coffee beans, flavored just like the cocktail mix of chocolate, irish cream and coffee liqueur.

Liquor flavor with a delicate twist of orange roasted into our fresh coffee beans

If you like pina coladas...and getting caught in the rain...this might be the brew for you.

Aromatic plum and brandy combination roasted with our house coffee beans.

Dessert in a coffee cup. The sweet taste of Ladyfingers and rum flavor roasted into our coffee.

Strong aroma of this Italian drink mixed with your coffee.

True whiskey taste for the bold coffee drinker. A strong, solid blend of our coffee beans, flavored with the sauce. This is a pretty incredible treat.

Taste the creamy coffee liqueur! This flavored coffee with taste like the real thing.