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Coffee was born in Africa and its varied terrain offers some of the world's most distinctive flavored coffees. This blend is a superb example of the flavors that African blend coffees are known for.

Great for relaxing after a hearty meal, this afterdinner blend coffee offers a heavier-bodied, heavier-flavored coffee carried to a darker roast. It is conveniently available in decaf as well.

Grown high in the Peruvian Andes mountains, this coffee bean produces a brew that is light to medium in body, but thanks to the high altitude growing conditions, very flavorful and aromatic.

This mild and smooth flavored coffee is named after Santos - the port through which all Brazil's coffee passes. This bean provides a light bodied and smooth tasting brew.

Excelso is the Colombian term for large, even-sized coffee beans. Everyone knows that Colombia coffee is delicious; this Colombian Excelso coffee blend has a medium-bodied flavor, with a clean aftertaste.

Supremo denotes the highest grade of Colombian coffee - the largest, most even beans. The large whole beans create a very rich flavor in this Colombian Medellin Supremo Coffee, with notes of ripe cherry.

This Colombian Mocha coffee blend is distinguished by a distinctively rich, winey acidity. "Mocha" is an old term that refers to where coffee was originally traded (the port of Mocha, in Yemen).

Godmorgen! (Good morning!) Join the Danish for a great dark-roasted blend, close to a Full-City style roast. This Copenhagen coffee goes well with breakfast and sweets.

Prized for their mild, sweet and bright flavor notes, Costa Rican coffee has a classic flavor that sets the standard for all of Central America. These beans have no defects and will brew a delicious cup.

Are you looking for the perfect cup of coffee in the morning to start your day? Then this is it...our most popular coffee! Leave it to us to roast a blend sure to satisfy even the toughest coffee critic.

Ethiopia produces some of the most unique coffee there is. Our Ethiopian Harrar coffee offers a full, rich flavor with the intense aroma of blueberries or blackberries.

Although the roast is dark and powerful, the body of French roast coffee is light thanks to a low acidity. Great alone, as espresso, or blended with warm milk in cafe au lait.

Try this rich tasting European blend. Great as an after dinner coffee.

Grown in the central volcanic highlands of Antigua, this coffee is very fragrant and produces a medium body with flavors of macadamia. Our Guatemala Antigua coffee is delicious with chocolate and desserts!

A rather gentle, low key coffee of medium body. Hondurans grow coffee in rich, volcanic soil in the shade of trees. It is often used in coffee blends and stands up nicely on its own!

These dark roasted beans make for a great cup of coffee. This Italian roast coffee is even darker, oilier and more assertive than a French roast. It's perfect for that delicious cup of espresso.

Lighter, cleaner, and brighter in the cup, Java coffee is sweet, fragrant, and alive with nut, spice and vanilla tones. Taste this delicious bean and find out why Americans nickname all coffee java!

This is for the late night coffee drinker...you know who you are! We blend half regular and half decaf premium Columbian beans for a delicious, robust brew. Now you can drink your coffee and fall asleep too!

Altura means that this bean is grown high in the mountains of Mexico. This medium-bodied bean, with a mild, slightly sweet, and even nutty taste, is considered amongst the finest in the world.

Mocha doesn't mean chocolate! Mocha coffee is named after a Yemeni port where coffee has been traded for generations. It's distinguished by its distinctively rich, winey acidity, and intriguing nuance.

This classic Mocha Java coffee blend mixes the sharp, fruity, distinctive medium-bodied flavor of Yemenite Mocha coffee with the smoother, deeper and richer taste of Indonesian Java coffee.

One of the gifts that New Orleans has given the world is its classic chicory coffee. New Orleans coffee is the perfect match for a sugary beignet, or really, just about anything!

Panama coffee is some of the most underrated, delicious coffee you can find. Consistently of stellar quality, these beans are grown in western Panama near the Costa Rican border.

The Portuguese do enjoy their coffee, and this blend - crossing a light espresso with a mild Colombian - is a strong yet smooth choice for the connoisseur!

A rich, dark roast coffee with a bold smooth flavor. The whole beans are dark in color, like a dark chocolate. This roast is similar to a French roast, but a little sweeter in flavor.

Tanzania coffee possesses the characteristically sharp, winey acidity typical of African Arabica coffees. This blend is medium to full body and fairly rich in flavor.

Venezuela produces less than one percent of the world's coffee, and most of it is drunk by the Venezuelans themselves. Our Venezuelan coffee is a medium bodied coffee with a sweetly pleasant flavor.

A rich, dark roast with a bold smooth flavor. These coffee beans are dark in color similar to darker chocolate. This roast is similar to the Spanish, but a little sweeter in flavor.

This perfectly blended coffee gives you that strong Brazilian flavor with that rich smooth French Roast to balance it out. This makes for one delicious pot of coffee.

Kenya is, without a doubt, the capital of coffee excellence. The AA in the title denotes the high grade of this bean. This legendary Kenya AA coffee will light up your palette with bright notes.

Sumatran Mandheling coffee is grown on the west coast of Sumatra, one of the main islands that make up Indonesia. Coffee from this region is known for its heavy, lush body and syrupy richness.

Our Deluxe House Coffee in the popular single cup format! Compatible with Keurig coffee brewers.

Our French Roast Coffee in the popular single cup format! Compatible with Keurig coffee brewers.

Looking for a taste of the world? This is sure to please your palate. Included in our Coffees of the World Sample Pack is a delectable 1/2 pound each of 4 of the most popular coffees from around the globe.

Kona beans are grown at a lower elevation than many coffees, and therefore have a low-key, mild and pleasant flavor. Lively acidity and clean complexity is typical of Hawaiian coffee.

Jamaican Blue Mountain is one of the world's most exclusive and highly sought after coffees. Known for its exceptional taste, this 100% pure Jamaican Blue Mountain is one of a kind.

We roast beans in small batches that we ship to you fresh — with all the rich flavor locked in a convenient, zipper-lock pouch.

A coffee’s flavor depends on two things — where the beans are from (ours come from all over), and how they’re roasted. Here are the 5 roast types we offer:

  • American Roast: Dry beans with no oil, a very sweet and subtle flavor
  • Viennese Roast: Beans with a light sheen to them caused by a touch of sweat (oil) making it a bit stronger (also known as Cinnamon Roast)
  • French Roast: Beans with a deep brown color and a glossy oil covering, making a stronger coffee with more aroma
  • Espresso Roast: Beans with a dark brown to near-black color that are heavily covered in oil, lending a very strong, intense — sometimes almost bitter — flavor
  • Blend of Roasts: A totally unique taste and style comprised of beans of lighter and darker roastscoffee beans

Can’t decide? Try our Coffees of the World Sampler.