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Black Teas

Earl Grey tea is utterly unmistakeable: an aromatic black tea with its distinctive flavor and aroma imparted by the addition of bergamot oil. The leaves are a blend of Ceylon and Indian black teas.

Oolong is a traditional Chinese type of tea somewhere in-between green and black in its preparation and oxidation - it tastes somewhere in between as well - not quite malty, not quite grassy. Oolong means dragon, and legends abound concerning the influence of mythological dragons on the development of this special tea. Others say that the leaves look like tiny black dragons when struck by hot water. Let us know what you think! Oolong tea should be brewed strong and bitter, yet leave one's mouth with a faintly sweet aftertaste. This is the perfect tea to accompany your Chinese food!

English Breakfast tea is a full-bodied, robust, very typical English brew. Its malty flavor will wake up any sleepyhead in a perfect London cuppa tea with milk and sugar.

Chinese black tea is the most popular tea in the world today, and is the "everyday tea" of many around the world. China black tea is said to have purifying properties and to benefit weight loss.

Ceylon black tea is grown in the hills of Sri Lanka. It has a citrus-like crisp aroma, a beautiful reddish color and a strong, assertive black tea flavor.

The Assam Valley is the largest tea-growing area in the world, in India near the Chinese border. The region produces an Assam black tea with a strong full-bodied, malty flavor.

Delicious! A highly fragrant tea, with strong floral and fruity aromas. But there's no orange flavor here - the name can be confusing! Pekoe is actually a name that tea growers use to designate black tea leaves that are very small, hardly even more than a bud! Where the word Orange came from, we're not sure. It may have been that the Dutch East India Company started using it as a marketing shenanigan. In any case, we're stuck with this cute name for a very flavorful blend of longwise-rolled black teas that produces a lovely amber brew. Great with milk.

Lapsang souchong tea is making quite an impact recently on the adventurous American palette. Originally from China, it boasts a strongly smoky bold flavor that is absolutely delicious with milk.

Irish Breakfast tea is a blend of teas traditionally favored by the Irish for its pungent, brisk and malty amber brew. The Irish take this tea with milk, but it's also great with just a slice of lemon.

Rich and robust, African Kenya tea takes milk very well and is also quite nice when drunk plain. It's the perfect breakfast brew.

Have your own traditional Russian Tea Ceremony with this delicious and mildly smoky-flavored brew! This is a black tea of high quality that is very finely cut.