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Milk chocolate covered pretzels are an amazing snack. Put these out at your party and be prepared to refill the bowl!

Pretzels, dipped in yogurt are just great!

Mini Pretzels, dipped in blueberry flavored yogurt are just great!

Sweet and delicious chocolate flavored pretzel grahams. A crunchy and delicious snack.

Pretzels smothered in a smooth chocolate coating then sprinkled with toffee pieces. A unique sweet and crunchy taste.

Mini Pretzels, dipped in cinnamon flavored yogurt are just great!

Miniature dark chocolate covered pretzels

Mini pretzels dipped in a lemon creme yogurt look and taste great.

Mini chocolate pretzels are covered with a rich milk chocolate coating making them a classic treat and a decade old favorite.

A mixture of our popular white chocolate, milk chocolate, and strawberry covered pretzels. A great looking mix to put out at your next party.

Mini pretzels dipped in an orange creme yogurt look and taste great.

Calling all pumpkin lovers! These mini pretzels are generously coated in a delicious, sweet pumpkin spice yogurt. A must-try for enthusiasts and a perfect addition to any fall candy display.

Mini Pretzels, dipped in raspberry flavored yogurt are just great!

Mini pretzels coated in Greek yogurt look and taste great. With less fat and more protein than regular yogurt, these pretzels are a new twist on a delicious treat!

Mini pretzels covered in delicious tasting peanut butter

A favorite treat from when you were a kid! Mini pretzel pouches filled with peanut butter. Two classic tastes all in one.

Mini pretzels covered in a delicious strawberry flavored coating.

There are few combinations that taste better than chocolate, peanut butter, and pretzels! These chocolate peanut butter pretzel bites are coated in delicious peanut butter then enrobed in milk chocolate.

One of our most popular snacks now in sugar free!