A family business since 1929

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Goetze's, delicious, sweet, and chewy chocolate caramels with a luscious cream center.

Goetze's double chocolate caramel creams are chocolate caramel with a creamy chocolate center.

Goetze's licorice caramel creams are a licorice flavored caramel with a vanilla flavored center.

Brach's Milk Maid Royals come in 6 flavors including Chocolate, Vanilla, Maple, Raspberry, Orange, and Butter Rum

These miniature sized milk chocolates have a smooth and creamy caramel center that is mixed with a touch of sea salt. Use mini sea salt caramels in baking, as toppings, or just on their own!

Our dark chocolate key lime sea salt caramels are tart and creamy caramels reminiscent of a slice of key lime pie.

Our dark chocolate raspberry sea salt caramels are decadent treats with a fruity raspberry twist. These soft and sweet caramels are kissed with a rich raspberry flavor.

Our dark chocolate sea salt caramels are enticing and delicious treats. These fresh and buttery caramels are enrobed in a rich layer of dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt crystals.

Our milk chocolate almond sea salt caramels are a nutty twist on a classic treat. These fresh and buttery caramels are drenched in milk chocolate, and topped with sea salt crystals and bits of almonds.

Our milk chocolate birthday cake caramels will make you feel like it’s your birthday every day! These soft and sweet caramels have that familiar birthday cake taste, drenched in smooth milk chocolate.

Our sweet and dreamy milk chocolate rainbow cookie caramels are a unique treat. They have the flavor of a soft, freshly baked cookie, drenched in smooth milk chocolate.

One bite of our milk chocolate sea salt caramels, and you will immediately fall for these heavenly treats. These soft and sweet caramels are dipped in smooth milk chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt.

Yummy caramel nuggets smothered in milk chocolate.

Sink your teeth into these delicious and soft gourmet caramels. Fresh Red Velvet flavored caramel coated in white chocolate and then topped with a few sprinkles for just a little crunch.

Caramel twist is a delectable combination of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate swirled over caramel.

Declicious caramel drenched in dark chocolate.

Creamy and delicious caramel coated with milk and dark chocolate mixed with sea salt. Has a very unique taste with a touch of saltiness.

Delicious sweet caramel covered in luscious milk chocolate.

Delicious caramel and tiramisu. Oh my!

A favorite candy from the late 60's, Walnettos are a chewy caramel mixed with real bits of walnuts. Walnettos are a truly classic candy from a classic era.