A family business since 1929

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Dark Chocolate Nuts

Freshly dry roasted peanuts smothered in rich and silky dark chocolate.

Sweet and crunchy all in one! Delicious crunchy soy beans coated in smooth dark chocolate.

The unmistakable taste of Peanut M&M's now in dark chocolate! Guaranteed to melt in your mouth and not in your hands.

Brazils roasted, then triple dipped and layered in dark chocolate. They will satisfy any chocolate lover!

These dark chocolate covered cashews are great! We take premium cashews and roll them in high quality dark chocolate.

Delicious dark chocolate covered hazelnuts

Dark chocolate covered pecans.

Premium almonds covered in a delicious sugar free dark chocolate.

We take the largest macadamia nuts available then coat them in the smoothest and richest dark chocolate. This is a true taste of heaven!

Imported Spanish Marcona almonds covered in rich dark chocolate.

All natural dry roasted organic almonds covered in organic dark chocolate.