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Wholesale Malted Milk Balls 30 Pound CasesWholesale Malted Milk Balls
Milk chocolate coated malted balls taste great!
Wholesale Malt Ball Centers 18 Pound CasesWholesale Malt Ball Centers
Everyone loves the sweet and crunchy malted taste of the chocolate malt ball centers. Now you can have them by themselves without any chocolate!
Wholesale Ultimate Malted Milk Balls 20 Pound CasesWholesale Ultimate Malted Milk Balls
Malted milk balls coated with a layer of dark chocolate, then a layer of milk chocolate, then a layer of white chocolate, and finally marbled!
Wholesale Mint Cookies Malted Milk Balls 20 Pound CasesWholesale Mint Cookies Malted Milk Balls
Pastel mint and ground cookies malted milk balls.
Wholesale Pumpkin Spice Malted Milk Balls 20 Pound CaseWholesale Pumpkin Spice Malted Milk Balls
This malt ball could be the best ever!! A malted milk ball that has that one of a kind taste of pumpkin pie. Oh so delicious.
Wholesale Malted Milk Powder 30 Pound CasesWholesale Malted Milk Powder
Malted milk powder brings back those old time soda shop feelings. Mix into milk shakes for a wonderful malted taste.
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"The malted milk balls showed up in great shape and in short order. Thank you for getting them out so fast, we are all enjoying them. Butch Daniel"
-- Butch, Baghdad, Iraq
"Thanks folks, The last order got here just fine. No melted chocolate. The malt balls were yummy!!!"
-- Mike, Desert Hot Springs, CA
"Last Christmas, we accidentally found some truly delicious mint chocolate covered malt balls. Everyone liked them so much, I decided to make it a special treat for Valentine's Day. The variety on NutsOnline was really impressive. I splurged and got two - Mint Chocolate and Cookies'n'Cream. They arrived so fast. We can make up our minds. The malt balls from NutsOnline are superior to anything we've ever had - and that includes the Christmas malt balls! These malt balls are covered in a thick, silky, smooth layer of chocolate that gently hints to mint or cookies'n'cream. The malt inside melts in your mouth. I will never shop for this treat anywhere every again. Thanks so much!"
-- Grace, Largo, Florida
"Thank you for miraculously having an order placed late on 2/13 delivered on 2/14 ( in bad weather, I may add) and for the malt balls that were absolutely wonderful. It was a last minute Valentine's additional gift (She loves Malt Balls), and I thought I'd give your company a try. WOW! Everything including ordering , quality, value and cost was great. And promptness? Unbelievable... Again, thank you very much. Nutsonline.com is now our candy source..."
-- Rudy A
"Your malted milk balls are great! I was leery when I ordered the Pumpkin Spice flavor, but they were really good. So then I ordered the Mint and was also very impressed. This time I ordered the Peanut Butter ones and had trouble not eating the whole bag right away. Next on my list to try is Dark Chocolate....can hardly wait."
-- Anne, Petaluma, CA
"First impressions? Mine is as good as it gets. Easy ordering, fast shipping and high quality product. I opened and tried all the malted milk balls as soon as the box arrived. I'm in heaven! Thanks to all the Nuts at Nuts Online!"
-- Nate, Brimfield, IL
"YUMMMM!!! Good way to start, no? SUPER fast pick/pack/ship, plus I'm in Jersey, so next day it was here, fresh as a daisy! I tried a pound each of 5 different malted milk ball flavors, Pumpkin(original and tasty), Coffee and Cream( subtle coffee flavor), Ice cream Sundae flavors(again, unique and interesting), Cookies and cream(great), and Peanut Butter, which I got because I tried "Whoppers" new "Reese's" flavor malteds and liked theirs, well, yours BLEW THEM AWAY!!! I know you get what you pay for, but they're all really good, I'll be trying most of the rest next time. I see no reason why I wouldn't be buying from you going forward, unless I DON'T want my products fast, DON'T want them fresh, and WANT to pay more and wait longer. I'm just sorry it took me so long to find you, I've been buying all these things for years, and I could have been getting better service and products the whole time. Gotta go order some cantaloupe and some more malteds..."
-- Brian, Piscataway, NewJersey
"Hey, you guys are the best with follow up and the nuts are the nuttiest, bestest I have tasted since I can remember., and the Malted Balls are sooooooooooooo very the best!., The SPICY pumpkin seeds are one of the best snacks I have had and not fattening (yippee). I have a bag in my car console and when I am hungry "Violla" I have something healthy instead of potato chips. My son is away, but wait till he tastes them. He is the one who prompted the order..Thanks again! Have a nutty and smiley day! Lois Tedesco"
-- Lois Tedesco, Carlstadt, New Jersey
"So yummy! The pumpkin spice were a perfect addition to the fall wedding shower. I look forward to the coffee cream malt balls to add to the coffee bar at the wedding. Thank you for prompt service & excellent packaging."
-- chris , butler , pa
"Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!! The malt balls are going to be a hit at this wedding reception for the candy bar."
-- Tiffany Bumphis, rochester, new york
"Addicted to malted milk balls. I got your catalog for the first time last week. OMG I ordered five pounds and had them the next day! You guys are the best! The peanut butter are killer!!!!"
-- Daniel, Essex Junction, BY
"My order came extremely quickly and everything was well packed and protected from damage. Best of all, the malted milk balls were fantastic. I bought them as stocking stuffers, but it will be hard to keep out of them. I will absolutely be ordering again!"
-- Candace, Athens, Georgia
"This year I got to purchase a few new items for the Holidays. Including Kona coffee and your fabulous malt balls. The nuts I used in our holiday baking and they were so good I had to order more since the help couldn't help tossing them back by the handfuls. Thanks for your great products, so far I am thrilled!"
-- Stephen, Marlboro, New Jersey
"Must say....those malted milk balls are the most gorgeous things I have seen in ages!! My father will be dancing on air on Christmas Day....Maybe he will let me have one!"
-- Kathy, Loveland, OH
"I gave candy from Nuts on Line as Christmas gifts, and the recipients were very impressed with your candy. They complained that they can't stop eating the candy, especially the malted milk balls. You may have some new customers from this. Best wishes. Angela Pagano"
-- Angela, Amherst, New York
"WOW, I received my order today and the 1st thing I tasted was the malted milk balls - I cannot believe how BIG they are...LOL and then I tried the sesame stick, yummy. I will definitely be ordering again."
-- Becky, Gas City, IN
"My daughter introduced me to your malted milk ball selection for my birthday in January. I am hooked. Thanks for being there.... Do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to find great malted milk balls? Truly, I thought it was a lost art until I met you..."
-- Joanne, Madison, WI

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