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Wholesale Gummy Novelty

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Wholesale Gummy Lunch Cases of 12 LunchesWholesale Gummy Lunch
Fill your tummy with an entire array of gummies featuring all your favorite lunch treats. Gummy lunch is packed with gummy pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, and even gummy cola bottles.
Wholesale Gummy Worms 20 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Worms
Everyone loves these gummy worm treats! They bring out the kid in all of us...chewy, fruity fun for everyone. Great for movies and parties.
Wholesale Gummy Army Guys 20 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Army Guys
These gummy army guys in a delicious apple flavor will mount an all out attack on your taste buds!
Wholesale Mini Gummy Worms 20 Pound CasesWholesale Mini Gummy Worms
Not yet fully mature, these baby worms still manage to wiggle down your throat! Sweet and slithery candy creatures!
Wholesale Cola Bottles 20 Pound CasesWholesale Cola Bottles
Cola Bottles bring out the child in all of us.
Wholesale Mexican Hats 30 Pound CasesWholesale Mexican Hats
Fruity and chewy gummy snacks in the fun shape of Mexican hats.
Wholesale Gummy Bunnies 20 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Bunnies
Sink your taste buds into these soft and chewy gummy bunnies before they hop away!
Wholesale Gummy Butterflies 20 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Butterflies
These beautiful gummy butterflies will fly right into your mouth!
Wholesale Gummy Flowers 20 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Flowers
Instead of a bouquet of flowers, try a delicious assortment of gummy flowers. Guaranteed to put an even bigger smile on that special someone's face!
Wholesale Gummy Lobsters 20 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Lobsters
Yummy gummy lobsters in bright red. Great for dipping in warm butter. No way.... gross!
Wholesale Sour Mini Neon Worms 20 Pound CasesWholesale Sour Mini Neon Worms
Not yet fully mature, these sour baby worms still manage to wiggle down your throat! Sweet, sour, and slithery candy creatures!
Wholesale Watermelon Slices 20 Pound CasesWholesale Watermelon Slices
Sweet and delicious watermelon slices will make you smile.
Wholesale Gummy Blue Sharks 20 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Blue Sharks
Take a bite out of these ferocious blue gummy sharks.
Wholesale Gummy Bananas 20 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Bananas
Gummy Bananas are just great! Shaped like and taste like a real banana!
Wholesale Black & White Gummy Peachy Penguins 20 Pound CasesWholesale Black & White Gummy Peachy Penguins
Perfect for formal occasions, these distinguished aquatic creatures waddle delightful flavors into your mouth. They have a yummy fruity flavor.
Wholesale Gummy Frogs 28 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Frogs
Better eat up these delicious green gummy frogs before they hop away!
Wholesale Gummy Butterflies (Sugar Free) 20 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Butterflies (Sugar Free)
You better catch these mini sugar free gummy butterflies before they fly away.
Wholesale Gummy Cows 18 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Cows
Hurry up and moooooove some of these gummy cows into your mouth before someone else does! These great looking gummies have a sweet fruit flavor and are sure to please.
Wholesale Gummy Pigs 18 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Pigs
Gummy pigs will make you feel like you are at the farm! So good you will be oinking all day long.
Wholesale Gummy Jalapenos 26 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Jalapenos
Soft and chewy gummy jalapenos may look spicy but they taste like sweet cherries!
Wholesale Fruit Snacks 30 Pound CasesWholesale Fruit Snacks
Fresh, soft, and chewy fruit snacks in mixed flavors such cherry, orange, green apple, strawberry, blue raspberry, and grape. Every kids favorite!
Wholesale Gummy Worms (Sugar Free) 20 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Worms (Sugar Free)
Everyone loves these gummy worm treats! They bring out the kid in all of us...chewy, fruity fun for everyone. You will love our Sugar Free Gummy Worms
Wholesale Gummy Brains 26.4 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Brains
Increase your brain matter by munching down on these freaky anatomically-correct gummy brains! Ever chew on a cerebrum? These delicious gummies have nice colors and detail, and a great fruity berry flavor!
Wholesale Jelly Filled Turtles 26.4 Pound CasesWholesale Jelly Filled Turtles
Gummy shaped turtles filled with a sweet raspberry center.
Wholesale Sour Cherry Cola Bottles 26.4 Pound CasesWholesale Sour Cherry Cola Bottles
Everyone loves the classic taste of cherry cola. Dig into these surprisingly tart and sweet sour cherry cola bottles. Sure to bring out the kid in all of us!
Wholesale Gummy Chicken Feet 26.4 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Chicken Feet
Gummy chicken feet look just like the real thing. But we promise they taste so much better!
Wholesale Gummy Fried Eggs 26 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Fried Eggs
Chewy and soft gummy fried eggs. These may look just like fried eggs, but we promise they taste a lot sweeter!
Wholesale Gummy Alphabet Letters 30 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Alphabet Letters
You can spell anything you want with these great tasting gummy letters!
Wholesale Gummy Clown Fish 30 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Clown Fish
These look so real you will think you caught them in the sea! The only thing is these gummy clown fish taste even better than they look!
Wholesale Mini Gummy Frogs 30 Pound CasesWholesale Mini Gummy Frogs
Haribo mini Gummy Frogs with white bellies, waiting to hop into your mouth. These mini frogs with white bellies come in four real fruit flavors: strawberry, raspberry, lemon, and orange.
Wholesale Organic Gummy Worms 20 Pound CasesWholesale Organic Gummy Worms
Yummy Earth's Organic Gummy Worms are delicious. Flavors include Pomegranate Pucker, Mango Tango, Sour Apple Tart, and Perfectly Peach.
Wholesale Gummy Snakes 28 Pound CasesWholesale Gummy Snakes
Almost 3 feet long, these gummy snakes are imported from Spain and have an incredible fruity flavor.

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