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Wholesale Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans 20 Pound CasesWholesale Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
The finest hand picked estate Arabica espresso beans layered in dark chocolate. These jolters are one of our most popular products, and for a reason!
Wholesale NY Espresso Mix 20 Pound CasesWholesale NY Espresso Mix
Not sure which flavored espresso bean you like? Try them all, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cappuccino, twist, and then some! Just like New York, NY Espresso Mix is filled with a diverse taste and flavor.
Wholesale Mint Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans 20 Pound CasesWholesale Mint Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
Only the highest quality espresso beans covered in a mint chocolate with bits of ground coffee. Absolutely delicious!
Wholesale Mocha Beans 20 Pound CasesWholesale Mocha Beans
These dark chocolate mocha beans are incredibly rich and delicious. Imported from Denmark, this coffee flavored dark chocolate is shaped like coffee beans. A classic favorite.
Wholesale Coffee and Cream Espresso Beans 20 Pound CasesWholesale Coffee and Cream Espresso Beans
Our famous espresso beans with a signature coffee and cream flavor.
Wholesale Raspberry Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans 20 Pound CasesWholesale Raspberry Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans
Raspberry flavored dark chocolate coat these espresso beans. The taste is out of this world.
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"I received my order today and I have to agree with all the other testimonials I had read prior to my order. The nuts are fabulous!! The order arrived in 2 days, everything better than I had expected. I am VERY pleased. The sunflower seeds in the shell that I ordered unsalted are a pleasant surprise and are indeed the largest seeds I have ever seen. I too am a sunflower seed lover. My husband loved the chocolate covered coffee beans. Everything we ordered was PERFECT!"
-- Pam
"I initially visited Nuts Online, at a friend's recommendation, to pick up some of the crystallized ginger to help with some stomach problems. I ended up ordering a lot more stuff and I'm happy I did. The chocolate covered espresso beans are outstanding and a huge hit at my office. I also brought in some of the honey roasted sunflower seeds and they went FAST! I would expect you to see many more orders out of Greenville, SC very soon. Thank you for the excellent products and service!"
-- jestyr24, Greenville, SC
"I pretty much can't live without the chocolate covered coffee beans, dried kiwi and macadamia nuts. I was very impressed by the packaging of my most recent order. I always have a bag of something to share at work and am most amused when people ask me where I get them."
-- Julie, Morristown, TN
"I have been searching for chocolate coffee beans for my wedding and finally found them. They are perfect and such fast service. I love the website and the friendly atmosphere."
-- Brandy, Allentown, PA
"Those choco-covered coffee beans were slammin!!! You guys have great products at great prices!!! Will be purchasing in the future, Thanks again."
-- Lauren, Audubon, NJ
"The chocolate covered espresso beans arrived on time and not a single one was melted! Thanks a bunch!"
-- Eric, Fairview, NC
"Thank you so much for such a great product! I'm making 110 favors for my sons wedding with these great tasting choc. covered coffee beans. They arrived in great shape even though we are having 80 degree weather. We love your service and products!"
-- Florence , Loganville, GA
"I'm NUTS about Nuts Online! I'm a confessed dark chocolate-covered espresso bean addict, and the ones I got from Nuts Online were the BEST *and* the least expensive; ordering was easy, and shipping was fast and not terribly expensive at all. My yummies arrived in perfect condition despite the searing heat we were having. I wish all vendors were as fun and easy to work with and had such high quality products! I am trying the dark chocolate-covered Kona beans this time. They'd better get here soon, though, because I'm nearly out of my current stash! :0"
-- Amy
"i've been sampling different chocolate-covered coffee bean; yours are stellar! my search is over."
-- chris, columbus, oh
"You are the best find on the internet.I found a few sites that had the chocolate covered coffee beans they were not even in the ball park with you. Thank you for the great service. You will hear from me again and again. You have great prices and good shipping.Best of all is the product just wonderful"
-- Christine, Rising Sun, Maryland
"Just received my Chocolate covered coffee beans-AGAIN! i just love them. The coffee bean is much larger than those I had been getting over the counter and the chocolate-I can't say enough -It is SO-O-O good. thank you for the catalog, I'm passing it on to a few friends that are chocoholics."
-- Lynn, Madison, Wisconsin
"Wow! The Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans just arrived, and everyone in the office is fully caffeinated! They are delicious."
-- Lee, Wheaton, IL
"Im so happy with my chocolate covered coffee beans . I had them in the past when i lived in FL but now im back in Michigan i just cant find them any were . you have a wonderful price and a grrreeeaaatt bean .. thank you and im so happy that i found your web site"
-- Christine, Lowell , MI
"The dark chocolate covered espresso beans are so good!! I originally ordered a 1 lb. bag and took them to work. Needless to say, they were gone in no time. This time I ordered a 5 lb. bag instead."
-- Susan, Charleston, SC
"I started buying the various flavors of chocolate covered espresso beans for my mother on her birthday. She loved them so much, I now get them for her for Christmas and Mothers Day as well - she always looks forward to them. NutsOnline carries a fantastic variety of products and has always been extremely reliable and fast, with the utmost of customer service. Thanks for making gift buying so easy!"
-- Caroline
"Your Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans were a hit, first with my Daddy on his Birthday, and soon to be with my husband on Father's Day! June better hurry up and get here...after hearing my father rave about the, I'm finding it hard to keep from opening up the bag myself! Thanks, Nuts Online!!"
-- Kristi, Maryville , TN
"I ordered the chocolate covered coffee beans and I have to say that they are exceptional. Great product and excellent service. Thank you so much!"
-- Denise, West Des Moines, IA
"The dark chocolate covered espresso coffee beans arrived on schedule. They were packaged so well that the chocolate covered beans did not melt or get soft. The chocolate covered beans were very good. I would definitely buy them again."
-- Carmen, Point of Rocks, MD

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