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Wholesale Blueberry Flavored Candy

Packs of 10 Sticks Blueberry Candy Sticks Blueberry Candy Sticks
These nostalgic old time candy sticks bring back great memories. These blueberry candy sticks taste great. Perfect for snacking, candy buffets, or wedding.
1 Pound Bags Blueberry Malted Milk Balls Blueberry Malted Milk Balls
Malted milk balls with a delicious blueberry flavor.
1 Pound Bags Blueberry Salt Water Taffy Blueberry Salt Water Taffy
Old fashioned salt water taffy in a great blueberry flavor.
1 Pound Bags Jelly Belly Blueberry Jelly Belly Blueberry
Yummy blueberry flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans.
1 Pound Bags Jelly Belly Jewel Blueberry Jelly Belly Jewel Blueberry
These Jelly Belly jelly beans have a traditional blueberry flavor with a unique and beautiful blue shimmer coating. Make these a part of your candy buffet to impress guests.

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