Wholesale Blue Raspberry Flavored Candy

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Packs of 10 Blue Rock Candy Sticks (Unwrapped) Blue Rock Candy Sticks (Unwrapped)
This classic blue raspberry flavored rock candy comes in a package of 10 units on a stick. The sticks measure approximately 6 1/2 inches, and the rock candy measures approximately 4 inches. Great for wedding favors, candy buffets, or just to eat!
1 Pound Bags Rock Candy Strings (Blue Raspberry) Rock Candy Strings (Blue Raspberry)
Blue Raspberry flavored rock candy is an old time favorite. This rock candy comes on a string and is perfect for eating.
1 Pound Bags Blue Raspberry Fruit Slices Blue Raspberry Fruit Slices
The classic old time candy in razzle dazzle blue raspberry flavor.
1 Pound Bags Blue Raspberry Frooties Blue Raspberry Frooties
Chewy blue raspberry flavored Frooties made by Tootsie.
1 Pound Bags Blue Raspberry Sour Straws Blue Raspberry Sour Straws
Our Blue Raspberry Sour Straws will knock your lights out with an amazing sour round-house punch! These long ropes are a great novelty treat.
1 Pound Bags Gummy Blue Sharks Gummy Blue Sharks
Take a bite out of these ferocious blue gummy sharks.
1 Pound Bags Sour Blue Soda Bottles Sour Blue Soda Bottles
Our Sour Blue Soda Bottles are burstin' with flavor.
1 Pound Bags Blue Raspberry Licorice Twists Blue Raspberry Licorice Twists
Soft and chewy licorice twists in a fruit blue raspberry flavor.
1 Pound Bags Blue Raspberry Gummy Bears Blue Raspberry Gummy Bears
Soft and chewy blue raspberry flavored gummy bears are delicious.
1 Pound Bags Gummy Blue Raspberries Gummy Blue Raspberries
A classic raspberry shaped and flavored gummy, now in blue raspberry.
1 Pound Bags Gummy Blue Raspberry Rings Gummy Blue Raspberry Rings
Chewy gummy blue raspberry rings are full of that wonderful blue raspberry flavor.

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