Mochi Rice Cakes

  • Chocolate Covered Mochi Chocolate Covered Mochi

    Chocolate covered mochi is one of our newest creations. This is a sweet Asian dessert treat enrobed in a generous layer of decadent milk chocolate.

  • Mochi Rice Cakes Mochi Rice Cakes

    Mochi rice cakes are a light, sweet Japanese dessert treat with a soft and chewy texture. Our Mochi is similar to the Mochi used in frozen yogurt shops like PinkBerry, Red Mango, and Yogen Fruz.

  • Mochi Rice Cakes (Black Sesame) Mochi Rice Cakes (Black Sesame)

    Black sesame mochi rice cakes are a sweet Asian dessert treat. If you like regular mochi cakes, you will love the black sesame variety.

  • Mochi Rice Cakes (Rainbow) Mochi Rice Cakes (Rainbow)

    Rainbow mochi rice cakes are a sweet Asian dessert treat in a gorgeous array of colors. Eat them by themselves, or use them as a topping in your ice cream or cereal.


From our family to yours, since 1929

Our beloved grandfather, Poppy Sol, started this business in an open-air market. Three generations later, we’re still bringing smiles to our customers' faces.

“I am so happy to receive my mochi!! And the positivity and silliness in the messages for the delivery thingy was really lovely and made the opening of my package even better! If I ever run out of my 20lbs of mochi, I'll DEFINITELY order from here again! ^u^”

June, Bedford, VA August 6, 2014